Shoto Mushin Kai

Kase-Ha Karate-Do
Shoto Mushin Kai Kase-Ha Karate-Do is the school of karate that is based on Budo training system which is heritage from grand teacher of Shotokan Ryu Karate-Do sensei Taiji Kase. It has a universal character in comparison to all other styles since it is not adjacent to the style, and thus offers the possibility of other members of the school and styles to follow this movement and rich their experience.

Chief instructor of this school and her founder is sensei Mirce Opeloski. His extensive knowledge and experience is used to assist each individual in their personal development and self-transcendence. The true meaning of karate training should be to reach a level above technique and surpass your technique and that is not burdensome, allowing the spirit to exist freely and energy to move correctly. It is called Mushin in Budo.

Everyday life is real practicing and the World is our Dojo!